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The Marketplace for Independant Living

Following the government’s commitment to put in place new ways to support disabled people, it became clear to costus igneus and LCiL (Leicestershire Centre for Integrated Living) that this required a new way of responding to the opportunities and challenges this presented. The response had to be one which started with the individual and their circumstances rather than the service.

With a history and proven track record of supporting disabled people, it became evident through LCiL’s work that there was a fundamental gap in the knowledge that existed, not only with disabled people, but also with organisations, businesses and professionals.

As an organisation established by disabled people for disabled people, LCiL’s mission is to empower disabled people, by promoting the benefits of disabled people. LCiL do this by providing or encouraging the provision of services that facilitate independence for disabled people in daily living activities and in active participation and full integration into society.

We strongly believe that the Choice Unlimited concept is a powerful and innovative catalyst in thinking about social care, support and independent living in an entirely different way.

We had a great day exhibiting at Choice Unlimited and would like to register our interest in future events. We would also like to thank you as the organisers we felt truly looked after and supported as exhibitors
Laura Guest / Jotters Ltd Director / The Learning Support Centre Ltd
Aspiro is a social enterprise providing employment support and often with our type of service we can fall through the cracks in terms of mainstream marketing. The 2012 Choice Unlimited Event was a particular success for our business as we engaged with over 20 service users as potential customers and we talked to 60 professionals about our services - not bad for a day’s work! The event was very well organised with information being provided to us by email every step along the way. We take our hats off to REDP and LCIL for making this a positive experience for our business and our staff who worked on our stall.
Peter Smith / ASPIRO
I thought I knew what some companies did, until I attended the event and found out that they deliver so much more. I made several new contacts which will enable me to carry out my work with individuals in a much more person centred way - offering more choice and allowing them the control to be able to do whatever it is they wish (within the limits of their budget).
Gill Betts / Social Worker


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